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Increased expectations on your employees to perform better and faster can result in less time for breaks, and longer working hours.  This can have a profound effect on their health, which in turn, effects their work.

A well-targeted nutrition intervention programme in your workplace can help improve productivity, reduce sickness, boost motivation and morale and even lower company insurance premiums.

Healthy employees can lead to a healthy business, resulting in a positive future for employees' development and success.


Tailored health and nutrition programmes can meet your specific business needs, through nutrition talks, seminars, and workshops, with the additional option of individual consultations. Click here to get in contact and discuss what is best for your business' needs.



Examples of talks and seminar topics:


  • Maximising energy levels through a healthy diet

  • Eating for weight loss

  • Choosing a healthy lunch on the go

  • Keeping well through winter – boost your immune system

  • Nutritionally coping with stress

  • Keeping the family healthy (on a budget)

  • Active Retirement / Healthy Ageing Over 50



Examples of workshops/staff drop-in events:


  • Food labels

  • Healthy food on the run

  • Powerful breakfasts

  • Diet/health checks

  • Mind boosting snacks



Additionally to help improve your staff canteen services choose the Menu & Recipe Analysis service.  This includes, critically analysing your corporate canteen and snack options, with suggestions on how menus can be improved to optimise employees’ health and productivity.

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