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100 Percent works with a wide variety of people, across Ireland and the UK, who are looking to optimise their nutrition intake to achieve their own personal goals. This can range from improving health, reaching your body composition goals and enhancing your sporting performance.

Everything is 100 Percent unique, and specific, to your personal requirements, through the development of a tailor-made nutrition program that designed to help you reach your goals. Whether you want to lose fat, gain muscle, or enhance athletic performance, 100 Percent will provide you with the tools to achieve your goals, while supporting you every step of the way.


Following baseline body measurements, in order to establish your starting point, we will work together to design an eating plan that is 100 Percent personal to you.  This will take into consideration your current lifestyle, training/exercise program, and goals. Support, feedback and accountability will help you progress and stay on track, while also helping build a trustworthy relationship.

So whether your goals are to improve your health, fat loss, gain muscle mass, see greater results from your training program, or compete at elite level sport - 100 Percent can help you achieve and maintain your targets.

The Benefits -

  • Confidence - You will be supported and coached by a qualified, and registered, Sport and Exercise Nutritionist.

  • Accountability - Daily and Weekly check-ins with your personal nutrition coach.

  • Motivation - Feedback, support and education to help you reach your goal.

  • Results - Constant revision of your nutrition programme will reduce plateaus.


€80 set-up fee
€50 set-up fee
€30 set-up fee
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