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Sports nutrition coaching and sport-specific courses and talks for competitive athletes of all levels looking to support the rigours of training by optimising all aspects of their nutrition.



Consultations offer a friendly, personal and relaxed approach, providing a variety of assessments to help make positive changes, suited to help you achieve your personal goals.



Personal and Small Group Training.

Enhance your health, fitness and confidence with expert exercise guidance promoting fat loss to improve body composition, cardiovascular conditioning to improve fitness and resistance training to tone muscle and build strength.

Engaging lectures, motivational seminars and interactive workshops. Suitable for athletes, teams, gyms, school groups that are flexible to cater for a range of different group sizes, ages and budgets to suit your needs.

Nutrition calculation service for publishers, food outlets and food manufacturers.  Helping you display nutritional information about your foods, in a way that suits the demands of your customers or product.



Help your employees’ become healthier, more productive, and reduce sickness.  Time conscious, interactive and engaging talks, seminars and workshops, will help inspire, motivate and improve employee performance.

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