How to reduce your sugar intake...

Whether you saw the show or not, this will help you understand the health implications that can develop from consuming too much sugar, make informed food choices, and outline some simple changes to reduce your daily sugar intake.

After over-hearing some conversations about the show, and answering questions people had regarding some issues raised throughout the show, it was clear that there is still some confusion regarding what we should be eating and what foods should be avoided.

We are eating too much SUGAR. Consuming too many foods and drinks that are high in sugar can lead to weight gain, which consequently leads to an increased risk of developing more serious health problems, including heart disease, type 2 diabetes, stroke and some cancers, and is also linked to tooth decay. Over recent years, an ‘Irish Sugar Culture’ has developed, where Ireland is placed a worryingly 4th place in the ‘World League’. This equates to an average daily consumption of 24tsp/day or 96 grams of sugar.