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Choose from a range of topics that suit you.  These talks, seminars and workshops are fully customised to your needs and wants.  Below is merely a list of suggestions to get you thinking...


Expertise can be provided through:


  • One-off Lectures, Seminars or Workshops for:

    • School Children / Parents

    • Gym Staff / Members

    • Athletes / Sports People / Coaches

    • Teachers / Employees

  • Ongoing Education Programmes through a series of talks:

    • Pre-Season Nutrition

    • In-Season training nutrition

    • Match/Race/Game-Day Nutrition

    • Supermarket Trips

Talks, Seminars & Workshops

One-Off Talks


Examples include, but are not limited to:-


Nutrition strategies for training


Race-day nutrition


Nutrition for a young athlete


Special considerations for female athletes 


Nutrition to support weight loss


Nutrition considerations during pregancy


Growing older in health and vitality


(If there is a particular area you wish to hear about, please to not hesitate to ask)

Group Size
Price (pp)

5 - 9 people

€25 / £20

10 - 14 people

€20 / £15

15 - 19 people

€15 / £12

20+ people

€12 / £10

Seminars & Workshops


These are talks covering a variety of topics specific to your health needs or sport, interspersed with practical/visual sessions that enhance and reinforce learning.  If you wish to explore these longer sessions, e.g. half-day & full-day seminars and workshops, more details would be required to generate a quote.  They are designed specifically to your needs and budget, and can cater for a range of different sized and aged groups.  


You don’t need a whole lot of detail, we can simply have a chat about what you might like and tease out some ideas that will best suit the target audience.

All talks, seminars and workshops are developed according to your needs, meaning that nutrition packages are tailored to your club/team/school/personal requirements, budget and timetable.  These are specifically designed to cater for a range of different sized & aged groups, and the content of talks/seminars/workshops can be as broad-ranging or specific as you require, and are delivered with a consistent focus on evidence-based practice and scientifically sound information.



If you are interested in booking a talk/seminar/workshop CLICK HERE to develop your own package.

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