Fasted Exercise & Fat Loss

I got asked the question “Do you think it’s worth doing fasted cardio?” So I though I would so a short post on the topic…

There has been a surge of research carried out in order to establish the most effective methods and strategies to aid body fat loss and improve body composition. Something perhaps many of us have thought about, or are currently striving to reach that goal. Therefore, will exercising in a fasted-state, compared to non-fasted, help us lose body fat quicker?

So what is ‘Fasted Exercise’ (also known as ‘Train Low)’? This is when exercise is performed with low muscle glycogen stores (carbohydrate restriction), resulting in reduced energy availability. This is most commonly, and easily, achieved when exercise is performed in the morning before breakfast (overnight fast; ~8-12hr with no food or fluid [except water]), and usually at a low to moderate exercise intensity.

Other ways to achieve fasted exercise / ‘Train Low’ –

Train twice a day – Performing exercise two times per day. The first can be fuelled with some carbohydrate, followed by low or no carbohydrate consumption before the second workout.

Sleep Low – Following a late night workout, carbohydrate stores will be depleted. Carbohydrate intake is then restricted until after the next exercise workout the following morning.